Welcome! This is not (yet) a public page: if you've landed here, then it is probably because I sent you a private link. In that case you already know something about the aims and scope of the project: if not, you can get more information by reading the research proposals in the Pending grants section below.

The picture in the background shows a lake near Tartu, I didn't take any good photos of Helsinki.

Ongoing science

Current resources to be shared among Carlo Marzo, Oleg Melichev, Roberto Percacci, Syksy Räsänen and Sebastian Zell.

The Christmas PSALTer bugs

During Christmas of 2023, separate projects with Sebastian and Carlo stalled due to a series of bugs. I think I've now resolved these: they were due to the presence of both symmetric and antisymmetric formats for the parity-odd tensor mode in the distortion. A big clue was that the bare Lagrangian \(A_{\mu\nu\sigma}A^{\nu\mu\sigma}\) was giving me propagating modes: clearly wrong, since this is algebraic! Whilst implementing the fix, some useful formulae for the tensor modes were obtained, see below.

Pending grants

Two avenues of funding are being explored as ways to support the work over the next few years: MSCA and RCF. The results of these applications will not be known until February 2024 at the earliest. Some other grants are pending, but these are not associated with Finland.

Research Council of Finland

You can , but beware it weighs about 50 MiB. hif

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

You can , but beware it weighs about 10 MiB.