W Barker, M Hobson & A Lasenby: Gravitational theory and quantum gravity.

  • Fundamental theory of the gravitational interaction: gauge-theoretic and geometric formulations (torsion, non-metricity); canonically-driven methods; gravity as an order parameter of the fermion vacuum.

  • Perturbative quantum gravity: particle spectra in strong backgrounds; effective field theory of gravity.

  • Non-perturbative quantum gravity: lattice regularisations including dynamical triangulations; novel applications of geometric algebra.

  • Phenomenology of modified gravity: classical dynamics and exact solutions; cosmological perturbation theory; primordial non-Gaussianity and shape templates; parametersised post-Newtonian formalism; detection of non-Riemannian geometries; implications for fermion physics.

  • Computer algebra: high-performance computing; theory-agnostic tools (HiGGS, PSALTer).